Three Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel in Apache County, AZ That Can Improve the Convenience and Value of Your Home

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When considering a kitchen remodel in Apache County, AZ, finding ways to improve the efficiency that your kitchen offers is undoubtedly one of your main goals. Here are a few ideas that can be implemented into the design of your new kitchen to help make all of your kitchen activities much easier.

Matching stone countertops and backsplash

Stone is a very durable material that doesn’t fade with extensive use, and is extremely hard to crack or damage. When these characteristics are applied to a countertop that would benefit from improved durability for daily use, stone naturally makes for a great material choice.

If you have stone countertops, you could also consider choosing matching backsplash for behind your kitchen sink. In addition to being aesthetically appealing, stone backsplash provides protection for the walls surrounding your sink area, by catching all of the water that splashes every time you use your sink. All of this water can add up over time, and could eventually lead to mold that could spread and cause serious problems for your home. Adding stone backsplash is an elegant way to protect the foundation of your home with style.

Self-closing cabinets and drawers

Drawers and cabinets that incorporate self-closing mechanisms can significantly improve convenience in your kitchen. With many things going on at once, you might not be able to close a drawer or cabinet door right away because your hands are full, which could lead to a potential accident.

If you opt to include self-closing cabinet doors and drawers, though, you will be able to give them a slight nudge even when your hands aren’t available and let the hinges take over to make sure they close all the way. This will also protect the fingers of young children, as well as preventing the breaking of any fragile items within cabinets by eliminating harsh slamming. Self-closing cabinets and drawers also add an air of luxury to your kitchen, presenting a polished but affordable look that fits in with the rest of your kitchen remodel.

Cooking with a double oven

If you have a large family that you enjoy preparing dinners for, or you find yourself frequently having guests over for dinner parties, the addition of a double oven can completely transform your cooking experience. Instead of spending hours cooking and reheating food all day long, you can have multiple courses in the oven at once to significantly reduce the amount of time you spend toiling away in the kitchen. Instead of having to begin meal preparation hours in advance and prioritizing what items will go in the oven first, you can have the main course, side dishes, appetizers and desserts all baking at once, allowing you to serve hot and fresh food to your appreciative guests.

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